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The ground should be level, preferably asphalt, concrete or gravel. A 20’ tilt bed truck requires approximately 60 feet of straight clearance to drop a container.  A 40’ tilt bed truck requires approximately 110 feet of straight clearance to drop a container.

All vehicles need at least 10 feet of width and 25 feet of overhead clearance to accommodate the tilting of the tilt bed truck.

When you want to buy shipping containers, purchasing used containers is a great way to get the most storage space for your budget. But just because you buy a used container doesn’t mean you need to put up with unsightly dents, rust, graffiti, or damaged components.

We only sell storage and shipping containers that meet our high standards for quality. Watch our informative video for more information on storage container rental and sale conditions.

Most used containers can have some cosmetic blemishes, surface rust, and dings/dents. Some containers have no cosmetic issues at all, but we want to set expectations for our customers as to the potential for cosmetic blemishes.

Containers can be painted and even power-washed and will look close to as good as new. Check out this informative video to learn more.