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If you live somewhere between Wilmington and Philadelphia, you have probably passed through West Chester, PA, at least once or twice. The city is home to a remarkable mix of history, great nightlife, shopping boutiques, and family-oriented fun at the West Chester Railroad and the American Helicopter Museum. Residents and business owners are also within the service area of Jake Containers, the premier provider of 20-ft and 40-ft shipping containers in the entire Tri-State Region. Some business owners and homeowners in the city have already discovered how convenient it can be to buy one of these very sturdy units for permanent storage needs.


Uses for Jake Containers

Because these containers are weatherproof and secure, they can be used to store all kinds of valuables inside until they’re needed. A 20-ft container provides 1,360 cu. ft. of storage capacity, whereas a 40-ft container has 2,720 cu. ft. of capacity, and the 40-ft high cube container delivers a whopping 3,040 cu. ft. of storage capacity. That means you can fit practically anything inside these cavernous containers. Because they have so much flexibility in storing goods, they are commonly used by municipal and local government agencies to store goods.

Construction sites commonly use them to store all the equipment and materials necessary in the construction business. Commercial and industrial users find that the containers are ideal for storing commercial goods and inventory and landscaping equipment. People in the hospitality business know how useful they are for storing gear and all the materials needed for big renovation projects. Even homeowners find them extremely handy for storing lawn and garden equipment, auto parts, excess furniture, and recreational equipment.


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If you need to temporarily or permanently store some goods that can’t be accommodated in your main building, we have the perfect shipping container for you at Jake Containers. Contact us  today, and let’s discuss your needs. It’ll be no time before one of these excellent containers is delivered to your residence or place of business, and you can start making the best use of it.

Fun Fact: Due to cast member Bam Magera’s close ties to his hometown of West Chester, many skits from the sketch comedy series (and later film series) Jackass were performed in and around the city.

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Rent 20ft steel storage container NJ

20’ Storage Container

  • Exterior Specs: L20’ W8‘ H8’6”
  • Interior Specs:  L19′4″ W7′8″, H7’10″
  • Weatherproof & Secure
  • Prompt Delivery
  • Affordable
  • 1,360 Cu Ft Capacity
  • Empty Weight: 4,900 lbs
rent 40ft steel container new jersey

40’ Storage Container

  • Exterior Specs: L40’ W8‘ H8’6”
  • Interior Specs:  L39′5″ W7’8″ H7′10″
  • Weatherproof & Secure
  • Prompt Delivery
  • Affordable
  • 2,720 Cu Ft Capacity
  • Empty Weight: 8,400 lbs
Rent 40ft high cube steel container NJ

40’ High Cube Container

  • Exterior Specs: L40’ W8‘ H9’6”
  • Interior Specs: L39’5″ W7’8″ H8’10”
  • Weatherproof & Secure
  • Prompt Delivery
  • Affordable
  • 3,040 Cu Ft Capacity
  • Empty Weight: 8,600 lbs

*Container dimensions are approximate and may vary slightly.

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