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Storage Containers - Clifton, NJ

Jake Containers is one of the premier vendors in the East, for high-quality steel shipping containers. If you require storage space or some customized structure to support your business or residential needs, we can provide the very best shipping containers in Clifton, NJ.

If you don’t want to purchase one outright, your business can rent one of these superior shipping containers for a predefined period. While rentals are currently limited to clients in northern New Jersey, we can sell these shipping containers to customers throughout the entire country. You’ll be able to get the size container you want, and you can customize it yourself, or you can ask that we do the customizing for you. Many industries have found these containers handy, for example, government and municipal, hospitality, construction, and commercial and industrial.

What makes shipping containers such a good solution?

The versatility embodied by these steel shipping containers is one of their most appealing characteristics. They can be used either as a weathertight storage container or modified into any number of advantageous structures, either for business or residential use. They are so durable and long-lasting that most shipping containers can provide helpful service throughout the owner’s entire lifetime. They are resistant to any dents or warps unless exposed to some catastrophic incident out of the ordinary.

They come equipped with marine-grade plywood flooring that effectively insulates them against the ground and delivers some protection to interior contents. Once your steel shipping unit has been locked securely, no one will be getting inside to bother your valuables. You won’t have to worry about rain, snow, or ice causing any damage to your contents because these shipping containers are highly resistant to weather elements. One of the best things is that they provide the owner with peace of mind, knowing that anything inside will remain undisturbed and safe.

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If you have any questions about our high-quality steel shipping containers, by all means, call us today, and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions. If you’d like to get a quote for renting a unit or learn about purchasing information, we’ll be glad to supply that as well.

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Shipping Containers in Clifton, NJ

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Rent 20ft steel storage container NJ

20’ Storage Container

  • Exterior Specs: L20’ W8‘ H8’6”
  • Interior Specs:  L19′4″ W7′8″, H7’10″
  • Weatherproof & Secure
  • Prompt Delivery
  • Affordable
  • 1,360 Cu Ft Capacity
  • Empty Weight: 4,900 lbs
rent 40ft steel container new jersey

40’ Storage Container

  • Exterior Specs: L40’ W8‘ H8’6”
  • Interior Specs:  L39′5″ W7’8″ H7′10″
  • Weatherproof & Secure
  • Prompt Delivery
  • Affordable
  • 2,720 Cu Ft Capacity
  • Empty Weight: 8,400 lbs
Rent 40ft high cube steel container NJ

40’ High Cube Container

  • Exterior Specs: L40’ W8‘ H9’6”
  • Interior Specs: L39’5″ W7’8″ H8’10”
  • Weatherproof & Secure
  • Prompt Delivery
  • Affordable
  • 3,040 Cu Ft Capacity
  • Empty Weight: 8,600 lbs

*Container dimensions are approximate and may vary slightly.

If you’re looking for a storage container in Atlantic County, NJ, Jake Containers is ready to serve you. We have the perfect solution for all your shipping container needs. Our team of experts can help guide you through any questions and ensure that our storage containers are a great fit. Reach out now at 973-957-7600 or use our contact page to get started today!

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